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Introducing Studio Zeitgeist

If you and your organization seek to understand the nature and pace of change in order to create new opportunities, Studio Zeitgeist is able to guide you. We are an Amsterdam-based studio that offers inspiration, connection, revitalisation and reflection through concrete and proven working methods. Our services range from on-stage performances and multimedia storytelling to longer-term projects with various interrelated events. As a studio, we are a highly adaptable and make our products and services to measure. We work flexibly with a small core of team members and a larger base of experts, facilitators, designers and writers.

We believe every person and organization can thrive in the liquid society. In order to be able to do so, inspiration, connection, revitalisation and reflection are vital keys, that Studio Zeitgeist is able to provide.

Our services

Studio Zeitgeist provides a varied range services that assist organisations walking a path of change. We offer four clusters of services: transformation, ideation and Zeitgeist Academy.

1. Transformation

Designing future strategies: We create an exploration of the organizing principles of the liquid society and guide the design of new strategies.

Trajectory of change: Studio Zeitgeist kickstarts intrapreneurship and innovation in your organization by creating an culture of openness ot change an uncertainty.

2. Ideation

Trendbriefing: Studio Zeitgeist clarifies complex developments and trends and carefully analyses their relevance for the innovation portfolio of your organization.

Networks of Change: Studio Zeitgeist collaborates with a network of experts and thought leaders in an effort to create new insights and developments that are relevant to your organization.

3. Zeitgeist Academy

Liquid leadership faculty: During multiple sessions participants learn how to adjust leadership in a liquid society and how to continuously develop their personal leadership skills.

Future strategies faculty: Multiple sessions in which participants learn how to identify and analyse disruptive trends and how to integrate them in to their organizations.

Zeitgeist on stage

Studio Zeitgeist delivers eloquently. Its associated speakers, presenters and moderators can make a special event stunning. Our services include keynote speeches and facilitation.

Are you interested in working with us? Drop us a message at We look forward hearing from you!